About Us

There is no doubt in saying that we have made it easier for the customers to reserve the tables in advance. Each customer has to spend time waiting for food to be cooked and served to their table.

But now, with the use of technology, it is made easy for both, the customers and the restaurant owners. RoyalMunch is a company which solves this problem by providing the finest quality services. It is a company that offers people to pre-order their food and reserve a table in advance. At RoyalMunch we let the customers reserve a table in a restaurant of their choice. This service offered by RoyalMunch is to help the customers in numerous ways. It not only saves their time but also help them in having a stress free trip/outing. The goal is to decrease the time people spend waiting at restaurants and food wastage in in the restaurants.

RoyalMunch brings the best of technology to its customers by keeping the innovation at the core. It understands the customer’s time. In its services the company makes sure that,  We will not only help the partner restaurants in improving their operational efficiencies, but will also reduce the time the customer has to spend waiting for their food to be cooked as well as served to their table. Each customer is served the finest quality, fresh and hot dishes. This service is not only offered to the customers in the restaurants but, also at the cinema halls. With RoyalMunch you can easily book food when you are at office, home, or on your way to the restaurants.

Each successful reservation service of RoyalMunch comes with a unique characteristic. It is at a massive scale for an open table while, for the Reserve, it is the personal gatekeeper type of service. The main objective of RoyalMunch is to decrease the time spent by the people waiting at the restaurants and their turn in the theatre during intermission. In the cinemas, the customer is served the best food on time as per their demand. With RoyalMunch you can book the food before going to restaurant and cinemas and have hot food.